PPG SigmaZinc 109 HS Epoxy Primer 8L Kit

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Two-component, high solids polyamide adduct cured zinc rich epoxy primer


• Designed as a system primer for various paint systems

• Excellent anticorrosive properties

• Quick-drying, can be overcoated after a short interval

• Can serve as a holding primer for various maintenance systems for a total repair

• Very good primer for systems with high solids epoxy buildcoats

• Complies with SSPC-Paint 20 level 2 and ISO 12944.5


6.4L 109 HS Epoxy Primer

1.6L 109B Hardener


Number of components: Two

Mass density: 2.8 kg/l (23.4 lb/US gal)

Volume solids: 66 ± 2%

VOC (Supplied): Directive 1999/13/EC, SED: max. 106.0 g/kg max. 299.0 g/l (approx. 2.5 lb/US gal)

Recommended dry film thickness: 50 - 150 µm (2.0 - 6.0 mils) depending on system

Theoretical spreading rate: 11.0 m²/l for 60 µm (441 ft²/US gal for 2.4 mils)

Dry to touch: 2.5 hours

Overcoating Interval Minimum: 4 hours See overcoating tables

Full cure after: 7 days

Shelf life: Base: at least 24 months when stored cool and dry Hardener: at least 24 months when stored cool and dry

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