PPG Onechoice Structural Repair Etch Primer Aerosols

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PPG’s ground-breaking new range of aerosol Structural Repair Etch Primers are all about convenience. Returning a structural repair to the original ‘factory’ appearance is now as simple as choosing the appropriate colour to suit the job, giving the can a shake and spraying the required area.

  • Convenient, ready-for-use solution that’s easy to use
  • No-fuss solution saves valuable labour time without compromising quality
  • Seven colours to suit most e-coat colours seen in Australia and New Zealand
  • ‘Etch primers’ provide excellent adhesion and corrosion properties

The following Structural Repair Etch products are now available:

  • SUA-SR39 1K – European Grey
  • SUA-SR36 1K – Dark Grey
  • SUA-SR38 1K – European Green Grey
  • SUA-SR31 1K – Olive
  • SUA-SR30 1K – Yellow Olive
  • SUA-SR32 1K – Australian Grey
  • SUA-SR34 1K – Light Grey

Structural Repair Clear

  • SXA-SR40 1K – Gloss Clear

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