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EnviroLOCK is a Low VOC wet-on-wet primer that has been developed using the latest self levelling primer technology and can be used to optimise the priming process when used in combination with Envirobase HP . It is designed to deliver a high quality final appearance that is equivalent to a sanded primer without the need to be sanded! Excellent application, laydown and holdout are the keys to this product’s performance.

Because of the excellent adhesion characteristics of EnviroLOCK , OE electrocoat in good condition no longer requires sanding. The result is a very fast process for painting new panels. EnviroLOCK can be coated directly with Envirobase HP colour after flash off. New parts can be primed in batches in advance with minimal preparation, and can be held ready for the topcoating process with the rest of the vehicle for up to 5 days (at 20°C) with no sanding.

Due to the excellent adhesion and anti-corrosion properties of EnviroLOCK , small rub throughs on electrocoated panels do not require the use of an etch primer before it is applied.

EnviroLOCK LVP-201 : LVP-205 : LVP-207

Low VOC EnviroLOCK Hardener LVH-330

Low VOC Hardener (Hi-Build WOW option) LVH-320

Low VOC Thinners LVT-430 : LVT-420 : LVT-410

Low VOC Primer Accelerator Thinner LVT-450

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