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Deltron DP614 EpoxyPRIME is a versatile 2K Epoxy Surfacer. It is light grey in colour, chromate-free and has good corrosion resistance over bare metal.

EpoxyPRIME has good adhesion to a wide variety of suitably prepared substrates. These include bare and galvanised steel, GRP, fibreglass, painted surfaces and fillers.

EpoxyPRIME is ideally used as a wet-on-wet or non-sand surfacer, but may be baked or airdried if required. It may also be used as a one-coat sealer over flatted Deltron primers and surfacers, where it fills sanding marks, rub throughs and promotes optimum gloss holdout in the topcoat.

Preparation of Substrate:

  • Bare Steel: P80-P120 (dry)
  • Galvanised steel: Red Scoring Pad / P400 (dry)
  • Zintec: Red Scoring Pad
  • Aluminium & alloys: NOT SUITABLE
  • Electropaint: P320-P400 (dry) / P600-P800 (wet)
  • Aged painted surfaces: P320-P400 (dry) / P600 (wet)
  • GRP, Fiberglass: P240-P320 (dry)
  • Polyester filler: P120-P180 (dry)

Cleaning: Before and after any sanding operation, the substrate must be thoroughly degreased using D845 D837 or Autothane Wax & Grease Remover.


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