PPG Deltron DC527 Sprint Clearcoat 5L

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Deltron DC527 SprintCLEAR is a premium quality High Solids polyurethane clearcoat specifically formulated to give an optimum cure while retaining OEM gloss and durability when low-baked for 15 minutes. SprintCLEAR can be used in a single visit or a conventional 2-coat mode. By utilising the single visit mode and 15 minute low bake makes this clearcoat the perfect solution for highly productive body shops. SprintCLEAR can be easily polished after suitable baking or air drying conditions.

Deltron SprintCLEAR DC527 
Deltron Hardeners DH710, DH720, 
Deltron Thinners DT810, DT820,
Deltron Clear Accelerator Thinner DT850

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