PPG Deltron D8117 Semi-Gloss Clearcoat 1L

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The Clearcoats D8115 (Matt) and D8117 (Semi-Gloss) are designed for use over Envirobase High Performance and GRS basecoats.
GRS Matt Clearcoat System consists of two versatile 2K acrylic urethane clearcoats designed to reproduce a range of low gloss levels for the specialised repairs of vehicles or areas of vehicles originally finished with a low gloss clearcoat over a single or multistage colour basecoat system (e.g. Mercedes full body Matt Finish). To allow for the normal gloss variations - due to colour, model, postion of repair on vehicle etc., the actual mix of the two Clearcoats can be varied to match the vehicle to be repaired.
The D8115 / D8117 or mixes of the two may be used over rigid plastics without the need for special additives.

Preparation of Substrate:
When masking a repair, care should be taken to minimise direct contact of masking tape onto the original Matt finish. Where it is necessary to use masking tape directly on the original finish, the tape must be removed before baking to avoid marking of the original which may not recover.
The Deltron D8115 / D8117 Clearcoats must be applied on top of a clean and dust-free basecoat. The light use of a tack cloth is recommended after the basecoat has flashed off.
Care should be taken to avoid dirt inclusion at all stages. Rectification of dirt inclusion in Matt or Low Gloss finishes is not possible after the final coat of clearcoat.

D8115 / D8117 Mixing Ratios:
To allow for normal variations in the gloss level, depending on colour, model, position of repair on vehicle, it is possible to mix the D8115 and D8117 together in any ratio to match the required gloss for a particular repair. The % ratios quoted below are the best start point for the 5 gloss level ranges.

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