PPG Delfleet F3955 CF Epoxy Primer 3L

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Delfleet F3955 Chromate-Free Epoxy Primer, is a high performance, general purpose primer which can be used on a variety of different substrates commonly used on commercial vehicles, including bare metal, sand-blasted steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and fibreglass. It has excellent adhesion to properly prepared substrates and has excellent anti-corrosive properties.


Bare steel  -  P240 (dry)

Bare steel rusted  -  P120 (dry)

Galvanised steel  -  Red Mirlon Scouring pad with SX520 Metal Conditioner or P400 (dry) followed by SX520 Metal Conditioner

Zintec  -  Red Mirlon Scouring pad with SX520 Metal Conditioner

Aluminium & alloys  -  P240-P320 or Red Mirlon Scouring pad

Electrocoat  -  P320-400 (dry)

Aged painted surfaces  -   P320 - 400 (dry)

GRP , Fibreglass  -   P240 - 320 (dry)

Polyester filler  -  P120-P180 (dry)

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