PPG Delfleet Anti Corrosion Etch Primer

Style: F3964 Anti Corrosion Etch Primer - 4L
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Delfleet F3963 Anti-Corrosion Etch Primer is a yellow two-component pigmented etch primer. It is designed to give maximum adhesion over a wide range of substrates including aluminium. It provides outstanding anti-corrosive properties on ferrous substrates. It is universal in application and promotes adhesion over a wide range of substrates, but it should not be used as an isolator itself or over an isolator. F3963 should only be used in a wet-on-wet system and overcoated only with PPG 2K Primers F3975 and F3988 or F3955 Epoxy Primer. F3963 is particularly recommended for use on bare metal substrates including, aluminium, galvanised steel where maximum adhesion and corrosion protection is required. This product must always be catalysed with its own Anti-Corrosive Etch Catalyst F3964.

Bare steel  -  P240 (dry)

Bare steel rusted  -  P120

Galvanised steel  -  Red Mirlon Scouring pad with SX520 or P400 (dry) followed by SX520 Metal Conditioner

Zintec  -  Red Mirlon Scouring pad with SX520

Aluminium & alloys  -  P240-P320 or Red Mirlon Scouring pad

Electrocoat  -  Use F3975/ F3988/ F3955

Aged painted surfaces  -  Use F3975/ F3988/ F3955

GRP , Fibreglass  -  Use F3975/ F3988/ F3955

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