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A long-running reputation for versatility and strong, reliable performance has seen EPO Epotec Primer Surfacer become a market favourite for dealing with a vast range of substrates, from structural and new sheet steel, to aluminium, fibreglass, masonry, brick and concrete.

One key feature is the easy sand-ability of this epoxy primer surfacer – sanding dust comes away cleanly and does not clog the abrasive surface. As a result, this very versatile epoxy primer surfacer is widely used for hot rods, custom cars, prestige restorations, etc. where it’s perfect for protecting the bodywork during the build process. Once fully cured and sanded, it’s also fine to apply body filler over the top.

EPO Epotec Primer Surfacer is available in three Australian Standard colours (EPO-G55 Grey-Green, EPO-N61 Black and EPO-N14 White). A choice of three reducers – normal (Normal), hot (Slow) and very hot (Extra Slow) – make it easier to effectively deal with various application conditions or job sizes.

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