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Galv Coat is a primer with anti-corrosive properties to inhibit galvanising oxidation and rust development on galvanised surfaces. It exhibits outstanding adhesive properties making it ideal for preparing new and weathered substrates before the application of top coats.

Product features:

Anti corrosive pigmentation – inhibits white and red rust development

Specialised formulation – high performance, adhesion and longevity of the paint system

Water based technology – safer and more pleasant working environment

Typical substrates:

Galvanised iron roofs

Zincalume® cladding

Powder coated joinery

Coloursteel® cladding


Available in factory tinted mid grey only Cannot be tinted at point of sale

Surface preparation:

General preparation of the surface to be painted should be completed before commencing application. All loose material must be removed and surface damage or imperfections made good. New surfaces that have oil residues from the production processes must be degreased. All loose material must be removed and surface damage or imperfections made good. Powder coated surfaces should be lightly sanded and cleaned.

Application schedule:

Touch dry 15 minutes Re-coat time (minimum) 2 hours Practical coverage 12–16 square meters per litre Dry film thickness @ 12 square meters per litre 32 microns per coat Required number of coats – 1 Application is not recommended if the surface and/ or air temperature is less than 10˚C or is liable to fall below 10˚C during the drying period.

Environmental qualities:

Manufactured in a carbon neutral certified facility – ISO 14064-1 VOC 2gms per litre EC07-13 Ecolabel certified – Environmental Choice EC07-13 Licence number 0703012

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