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Ideal application temp range is 13-28°C. FOR BEST END RESULTS, remember the surface to be treated should be free of dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants as the cleaner the surface, the more effective RustBlast will work. Be sure to have scraped off any loose rust, mill scale, paint, etc. and cleaned the surface with AquaKlean, a water-based cleaner/degreaser, prior to using RustBlast. Liberally apply RustBlast FULLSTRENGTH to a CLEAN DRY SURFACE using a spray bottle, brush, roller, or backpack sprayer for larger applications. Re-apply often to continually keep the surface wet for a minimum of 10 minutes for smooth or lightly rusted surfaces, 20-40 minutes for moderately rusted surfaces and 1-2 hours for heavily rusted or corroded surfaces. Use a scouring pad as needed. Do not allow RustBlast to dry on surface before rinsing. After treatment, rinse thoroughly with water and then allow surface to dry completely. For removal of light corrosion or etching of non-ferrous metals (such as aluminium, brass, copper), prepare surface as above and apply RustBlast for 10-20 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water and then allow surface to dry completely. NOTE: It is not necessary to remove every last bit of rust before applying RustSeal. RustSeal is very capable of bonding to & permanently sealing any remaining flash rust or corrosion. After treatment with RustBlast, a slight powder residue may appear. This is a zinc phosphate coating advantageous for RustSeal adhesion. Items treated with RustBlast can remain uncoated for up to 30 days depending on environmental conditions.


250ML, 1L, 4L, 20L, 1KG POWDER



Dissolves & removes metal rust and contamination
Provides a gentle etch to metal surfaces
Coats the metal with Zinc Phosphate creating a surface profile ideal for optimal adhesion

RustBlast Powder is a completely soluble, crystalline-granular product that, when dissolved in water, produces a safe, powerful and reusable soak solution for removing corrosion from ferrous metal surfaces.
RustBlast Powder uses selective chelation; a non-destructive chemical process which separates iron oxides and hydroxides - also known as rust - from the base metal. Unlike acidic rust removers, RustBlast Powder will not damage the substrate metal.
RustBlast Powder is also an ideal pre-treatment process prior to the KBS Fuel Tank Sealant Kit, especially for extremely rusted fuel tanks.

RustBlast Powder Features

Will safely remove light to heavy rust from metal surfaces. Will not affect plastic, PVC, viton and most paints. Will not harm unrusted metal.
- fast, efficient and complete rust removal action
- easy and safe to use
- will not harm non-rusted metal
- ideal for intricate and complex parts – will penetrate into crevices for complete corrosion removal
- ideal for delicate parts - will not harm or distort substrate
- reusable and biodegradeable
- non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable (no fumes, no bad odours, no VOCs)
- will not harm glass, rubber, plastics, aluminium, paint or chrome

How to use RustBlast Powder

Dissolve 1kg of RustBlast Powder in 19L of water. Use warm to hot tap water to speed the solubilisation process. If a smaller volume of soak solution is required a 5% solution by weight is recommended (1 part RustBlast Powder to 19 parts water).

For most applications, a 5% solution is sufficient but higher concentrations may be used for heavy corrosion.

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