Color: WHITE F3988
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Delfleet 2K Primer is available in grey or white,. it is a versatile product that can be used as a high build primer, a primer-surfacer or a wet on wet /non-sand primer, simply by varying the amount of thinner used. It is particularly recommended for use on large surfaces on trucks, buses, and trains, where its excellent flow, and smooth surface, helps reduce time spent on sanding.

Bare steel  -  Must be pre-primed (eg F3963, F3955)

Galvanised steel  -  Must be pre-primed (eg F3963, F3955)

Zintec  -  Must be pre-primed (eg F3963, F3955)

Aluminium and alloys  -  Must be pre-primed (eg F3963)

Electrocoat  -  P320- (dry)

Aged painted surfaces  -  P320- (dry)

GRP , Fiber-Glass  -  P320- (dry)

Polyester filler  -  P120-180

Featheredge of repair  -  P240 - 320 (dry)


White F3988 4L

Grey F3975 4L


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