PPG CPC Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating Kit

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CPC Epoxy Topcoat is a two-component epoxy polyamide cured protective coating which provides a high gloss, easily maintained surface for aggressive environments and areas of high physical abuse. In addition to its ease of application, Epoxy Topcoat provides outstanding adhesion to most surfaces, along with excellent flexibility and high resistance to most chemicals.  It is primarily designed for use on interior concrete floors. It can also be used over 408 Epotec Primer where resistance to water, alkalis, oils and solvents is required.

What’s more, by utilising the SELEMIX® universal tinter system, Epoxy Topcoat is available in excess of 10,000 different colours including the AS2700 and RAL Classic systems.

Depending on colour coverage is 7m2 to 11m2 per mixed 1L


Commercial Performance Coatings Epoxy Topcoat can be applied on newly prepared interior concrete floors once they have been prepared as follows:

A penetrating coat should always be applied first (this coat does not count as a full coat). Please refer to "Application & Flash Off" for details on this coat.

Surfaces showing heavy scale or surface rust should be treated with 971-9119 Protec Metal Conditioner. Heavily rusted surfaces should be abrasively blast cleaned.

Before and after any sanding operation, the substrate must be thoroughly degreased using Wax & Grease Remover to remove all traces of dirt, oil, grease, silicone, wax etc.

Substrates other than those stated above should be tested before use, to ensure that the performance of this product is suitable for its intended use.


Epoxy Topcoat             1

Epoxy Hardener           1

Reducer                   up to 25%


For concrete floors, apply a penetrating coat, followed by 2 coats of Topcoat. 


At temperatures ≥ 20°C, this coat can be applied in the morning followed by the first coat of Epoxy Topcoat in the afternoon. For cooler conditions, it is recommended the penetrating coat be left overnight before topcoating. For Penetrating coat, mix Epoxy Topcoat with Hardener (1:1) and add 25% Reducer. Apply 1 even coat over the entire surface. The coating will melt into the concrete and will not show any signs of gloss. Once dry, surface is ready for topcoating with Epoxy Topcoat.

Apply by Spray, Brush or Roller

Apply 2 wet, even coats

Allow 40 - 50 minutes flash off between coats at 25°C for spray application

Allow overnight flash off between coats at 25°C for brush/roller application.




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