PPG Autothane HS Clearcoat

Size: 4L
Sale price$153.00


Autothane HS Clearcoat is a high solids two pack acrylic urethane clearcoat that is ideal for bodyshop car refinishing and clearcoating multi-layer topcoat systems. It can be used with Autothane HS Hardener as well as with Autothane HS Fast Hardener (for smaller areas or where a faster system is required). 

Products and Additives:
Hardener: Autothane HS Hardener Normal 980-49415 | Fast 980-49426 
Reducer: Autothane Thinner 920-49417

Mixing Ratio By Volume:
455-49411 2 parts 
980-49XXX 1 part 
920-49417 5-10% 

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