PPG Autothane C.V. 2K Factory Colour

Size: 1L
Style: Silver
Sale price$79.00


AUTOTHANE® Commercial Vehicle (CV) refinish system
The cost effective commercial vehicle paint system for general applications
Whatever type of commercial vehicle you are dealing with – from a chassis or a trailer right through to earth moving equipment and agricultural machinery – the Autothane® CV paint system offers an economical painting solution. Specially developed to meet the specific requirements of general commercial vehicle applications, this user-friendly 2-pack polyurethane tinting system comes with a variety of features that deliver convenience, versatility and value for money.
A full range of Direct Gloss colour formulations is available in the Autothane® CV paint system – ordering a specific colour formulation and quantity is as simple as contacting your Autothane® CV distributor. ‘Factory Packs’ also provide a convenient option for a limited number of high usage commercial vehicle colours, such as black, red, silver and several shades of white. In addition, mono-coat silver provides a convenient and economical method of dealing with areas – such as wheels, fuel tanks and tool boxes – and applying this metallic-style finish takes just one pass (no clearcoat required). What’s more, there is a handy flattening / matting option thanks to a special matting additive which gives Autothane® CV colour formulations a low reflective, satin-type finish. The range of Autothane® CV hardeners and thinners has been specially tuned to allow the product to be easily adjusted to suit varying application conditions. On large jobs, they help keep the product ‘open’ for longer during the application process which gives the paint technician time move around the whole vehicle and complete it without getting dry edges.
Whether it’s for a single vehicle or a large fleet, the Autothane® CV paint system is the cost effective alternative you can depend on to get the job done right while producing consistent results and long term durability!


Products: 412- Line Autothane CV 2 Pack Topcoat
980-49641 4:1 Hardener
980-49127 2:1 MS Hardener
980-49392 2:1 MS Fast Hardener
920-49417 Normal Thinner

Mixing Ratio:

Autothane CV Thinner*: 4:1 Option 20-40% | 2:1 Extra Gloss Option 10-20%

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